Generate and Capture
Revenue from Your Content

Create Monetization,

Open new revenue opportunities by connecting static text with affiliate offers. We help you create revenue-generating links on any of your trafficked pages and feeds.

Transform copy
in to revenue

Our technology works in the background to convert relevant team and player names into monetizable links. You'll earn revenue each time one of your app visitors clicks a link and signs up for a partner account.

Capture real-time
purchase intent

Provide your audience with relevant offers - before, during, and after events. We provide real-time information in the form of contextual integrations that meet the needs of your users.

Key features


Avoid Operational Costs and Regulatory Paperwork

MetaBet handles all back end logistics required to set up an affiliate program, including technology, state-by-state licensing, partner relationships, and geolocation.

Simple Integration and Secure Revenue

Insert a snippet code on the relevant pages of your site or application where you wish to display affiliate links. Earn immediate revenue from existing links and newly created ones.

Revenue Optimization Via Engaged Users

Turning content into revenue­ generating affiliate links, where your users are most engaged, both opens monetization and maximizes it. Creating contextual commerce is the best user experience for your audience.