MetaBet Launches Vendor Ecosystem Program

Interested in launching a widget to sell Game Tickets? Apparel? A new Picks Service?

Austin, TX (May 23rd, 2023) — MetaBet is thrilled to announce the open availability of our new Vendor Ecosystem Program, allowing innovative companies to rapidly launch dynamic widgets that leverage our industry-defining technology.

MetaBet makes it easy for sports media companies to inject engaging widgets directly into their content. These widgets enhance the visitor experience and drive affiliate revenue by building on top of our real-time sports data for every major league, official real-time gambling data directly from the sportsbooks, and Semantic Processing to understand the teams and players being discussed in any article.

Now, after the sucess of our launch partner OwnersBox, we're opening access to the Vendor Ecosystem Program, allowing outside companies to build innovate experiences on top of our technology and give our global network of customers new ways to delight readers and acquire users.

The benefits of joining the Vendor Ecosystem Program include:

Instant Deployment: Launching new widgets from scratch is hard! Vendors first have to convince each customer that their technology is safe to install and that it won't affect site reliability. Then, vendors have to build documentation and guide customers through the installation process. MetaBet has already done all of the heavy lifting, even creating a WordPress plugin for extra easy deployment, so there's no tech hurdle for customers to climb over. Once the library is installed, all that's left is a copy and paste from the Embed Catalog.

Discoverability: Vendors will gain access to the MetaBet network that sees 200m+ impressions each month across hundreds of sites. They'll immediately get exposure to these sites by being listed in the Embed Catalog, saving time on Business Development and PR.

Data Mapping: MetaBet handles all of the hard work mapping between different data providers and sportsbooks. What if you're a vendor relying on one sports data provider for IDs but your customers relies on a different one? MetaBet has solved mappings and betslip integration, and automatically provides the normalized data each widget needs, so Vendors can ignore bespoke APIs and stay focused on innovating.

Have an idea for a new widget or just interested in learning more? Reach out today to get started.